In the heart of Europe, in Switzerland, there is a new reality born from the union of professional experiences tested by years of collaborations in Digital Learning.

A team of instructional designers, specialized in e-learning design, takes care of designing courses in all formats (video, augmented reality and virtual reality) choosing the best methodologies for your upskilling and reskilling needs.

People always need to learn. Whatever their business.

And within every company, there are people who are tasked with helping people learn.

The education industry is always developing new products, new processes, new discoveries.

We know that sometimes you need help to achieve new goals, to go beyond what you currently have, to make what you do more and more effective.

We can offer you this help.
Simply because we know how to do it.

From time to time, Hu Play will create the pool of professionals that best suits your training needs. A bit like what happens in the world of music: the right group to perform the most suitable score for you, whether it’s rock, jazz or classical.

We at Hu Play also learn.

We learn by being next to the people who learn.

Because our goal is to make learning useful and rewarding.

Our professional development programs are used around the world, with the attention and sensitivity for culture and language that characterize the local markets and the various regulatory needs.

Our starting point is to put ourselves in the user’s place, thinking about how they will experience what we create.

Together with our customers, we evaluate what learners need to do, any critical issues and how to make the change.

Hu Play addresses all aspects of the development process, from strategy, to design, delivery and testing.

Before defining a learning strategy we start with assessment, then troubleshoot the learning architecture and outline learner pathways.

Our learning design combines learning principles with intelligent creative design, producing imaginative and challenging content without overwhelming the learner.